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Data Visualization / Graphics Intern

Creative Director and Co-Founder

Data Visualization Developer

Design and Marketing Intern

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I'm a recent Georgia Tech computer science grad, with experience in design, editorial photo illustration, animation, data visualization, video, and web development.
Data Visualization and Presentations Intern

I worked with the digital storytelling team at The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. I created data visualizations, social media graphics and animations, wrote an article, and created a style guide and assets for a series of articles on climate change.

3484 Magazine

Creative Director

3484 Magazine is a semesterly news magazine at Georgia Tech that focuses on long term issues in Atlanta. I co-founded the magazine in my freshman year at Tech, and was the creative director throughout college, establishing style guides, color palettes, and guidelines for articles. The magazine is print and digital.


In addition to print articles, we also frequently post on our social media accounts. While the full length articles focus on long-term issues, our social media provides updates on shorter-term stories that relate to those larger issues. Our Instagram account usually posts an interesting image or graphic that we create as well as a short caption explaining an update on an issue.

Socially Aware Mobility Lab

Data Viz and UX/UI Research Assistant

The Socially Aware Mobility Lab is working to modernize Atlanta's transportation network. I create data visualizations for various projects that the team is working on, both providing insight on the projects and allowing an accessible way for the public to understand the impact of the projects.


Design and Marketing Intern

VeriSolutions is an internet-of-things startup that sells solutions for digital temperature monitoring. While interning there, I designed a new data analytics dashboard, created infographics, videos, and developed new pages for the outward-facing website for desktop and mobile.

Sam's Neat Projects


I started Sam's Neat Projects because of a lack of easy-to-understand Arduino tutorial videos online. Eventually it evolved from Arduino tutorials to tutorials on STEM projects for kids. My goal was to create tutorials that were aesthetically pleasing, easy to understand, and short. I combined an overhead camera rig with stop motion photography to create a unique DIY style.

Other Work

Freelance design and personal projects